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Friday, 2 March 2012

Free Data Entry Jobs at Home - Legitimate Resources

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Finding legitimate free data entry jobs is like finding a needle in a haystack. Most of the companies on the Internet promise you easy, quick and substantial income. The truth is that very few of these offers are honest and if you don't take some preventive measures, you'll be the next victim of these scams.
Data Entry Made Easy
You should stay away from listings offering you massive financial success. Nobody gets rich doing these jobs from home. Legitimate online companies (with very few exceptions) don't require you to pay money upfront. You're working for them, so they should be paying you. Also, find out what type of skills and equipment they require. Trustworthy companies expect you to have some abilities and tools before they can offer you a job.
Data Entry Job At Home
Don't let the "money bait" make you fall victim to scams. Legitimate online companies provide you with a reasonable pay for your work, and nothing else. The best way to increase your income is by improving the speed, knowledge and quality of your services. You could make some decent income but first, you must do some research of the potential employers, their benefits and requirements.
Data Entry Companies
WorkatHomeCareers.com - You'll find a complete resource providing these job positions and other work at home jobs online totally free of charge. Go to the home page and on the left menu, click on "home based data entry jobs". Then, scroll down and within the text click on the text link "home based data entry" in bold letters.
Connect-Dataplus.com - You can check their Data Plus division which provides full data entry, payroll, and accounting services. They also handle customer invoices, collection notices and billing reports.
CypherContractors.com-You may apply for their Remote Document Coding position. You have a full or part-time opportunity to work from home with flexible times and hours. You also need an IBM-compatible computer, high-speed Internet connection, printer, and a little experience in the legal industry or field.
GorgeWarehouse.com - You must have your own computer with Internet access and printer, and be willing to pay for long-distance calls, minimal postage and ink as needed. Your duties would be to post data to web site and internal database with a flexible schedule.
Reedtech.com - They need data submission form workers. You would be entering data from source documents and proofreading.
Best Data Entry Jobs
In order to get the best paying legitimate data entry jobs, you need to have or develop good typing skills, knowledge of word-processing, spreadsheet and other commonly used computer programs. You can also bid for this type of employment projects at elance.com or other work at home sites with free listings. Good luck and remember that your income will be exactly in proportion to your proficiency and effort.


julia watson said...

Hi…I was a bit low as I lost my day job. But your blog made me smile after a month of moping around in the dark. I am now sure that whatever has happened to me is for the good. I don’t feel lost anymore. After reading your article, I visited some marketplace websites like Freelance Work From Home, and posted some samples of my music compositions. I am an instrumentalist, you see…and I have received a few offers. Let’s see how it works out.

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